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Saturday, December 24, 2011

New York rev 1

As mentioned last week I was not entirely happy with the big dark square in the top left corner. So I decided to have another try with the star as shown on BB's blog as the original before it was simplified to make an 8" block. The math does cause problems. I entirely drafted the small star square (yes, got out my compass to accurately divide the four inch square into three) and paper foundation pieced it. Now it is pieced into the rest of the block we see what happens with accurately dividing four inches into three as opposed to rounding and trimming. Oh well.

On the flickr site I noticed some people had used this star instead and since it has always been a favorite of mine I decided to try a block with this one in it.

You might note I have not done a redo using the fabrics that had the red in that I had cut into last week as I felt as though I was cheating my own color scheme rule just a little. After several weeks of needing to stitch a blue block I see we get a confederate block today.

Today's block, the Christmas Star, awaits. But I might need to spend some time in the kitchen first cooking for Christmas. Then wrapping for Christmas. Oh, maybe I'll sew the Christmas Star on Christmas.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

Both blocks are handsome - the second in particular appearing quite refined, almost like a well-tailored person, until you get to the more whimsical star in the center of the sawtooth star. Will your layout require four "matching" corner blocks? It seems to me you had an extra block or two you made early on.