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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 50 Grapes of Wrath

The block this week is one of those that really is better set on point - so kindly twist your head a little could you?

There were several liberties I needed to take with this weeks block with the color being the most obvious. That said, I notice on the flickr site that some people have commented that concord grapes are blue so that is a little solace. I decided to add in a few extra seams to eliminate piecing on the bias. And this fabric has been sitting quietly waiting to be used and I thought the woven appearance of it was well suited for the basket portion.

Another blue block to put up on the wall while I wait for the last two blocks so I can make my final decision on the setting colors to use.


Sherrye said...

As always, Dorry, love the crisp, clean look of blue/white. Your basket fabric IS perfect!!

Cheryl Kotecki said...

Definitely the right choice of fabric for the basket. Your basket in your colors, while this is still not one of my favorite blocks, is quite fetching.