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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 19 Missouri Star

Ta dah! I have been away for the weekend and had lots of opportunity to sew so I am finally caught up on my Civil War blocks.

Here is my block for week 19:

I was trying to take some more adventurous photos "on location" for you so keep in mind that my blocks are not quite as carefully groomed as usual i.e. this block is quite square.

I was staying at a place that has a small fabric shop on the premises where they stock, I think exclusively, Moda fabrics. So I took advantage of my location to try some fancy poses for my blocks. What do you think of this red paisley fabric I pulled off the shelf to use as a back drop since my usual red chair was not available?

You can see there was quite a variation in the stock on the shelves.

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Cheryl said...

In the thumbnail versions of your block posing with the fabrics, the darker grays seem to blend together, with maybe the look of a fussy cut gradation. Nice effect!