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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Dresses Quilt

Last year I was contacted by a quilter friend asking if I would consider making a commission quilt - the shop she works for had a customer who wanted a memory piece made from the gowns her daughter had worn as a bridesmaid. Against my better judgement I said "yes" because the project sounded intriguing.

It took many weeks to finally get the go-ahead to do the project after I had provided a bunch of design ideas to the shop. At no time did I meet the customer and that made it more challenging. Thankfully, there was no immediate time limit.

These are the dresses I had to work with. They date back a "few" years judging by the look of them. The black fabrics are all velvet. One of the requirements was that I use the fabrics from the dresses which meant cutting into them in strategic places. To get the velvet necessary for all three dresses for instance, I cut the lower half of each of the long sleeves on the yellow and black dress.

Here is the end result. For each dress I drafted a pattern, to scale, and then also added embellishments; beading, buttons, dimensional rose and hand embroidery

Ordinarily I am  not a "pink person" so this was a real challenge. In addition to the dresses I was also required to use those three pink fabrics and that white background - I "forgot" to also use a beige fabric similar to the white background.

I am having such a problem with blogger tonight that I am afraid to write anything more. I ws finally able to add the detail photos but I cannot add any individual comments to them so I am going to admit defeat and post as is.

Am I the only one having problems with blogger just now? It is taking forever to load photos.

Anyway, back to the subject of tonight's post - the customer has apparently finally collected her quilt and is happy with it. So now I can share it with you. It was a fun project but if I was to do this again I would want to do it with a different modus operandi.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

Well done, Dorry!! Working blind from the customer on a commissioned piece would be trickiest aspect of this project - not that it didn't have other challenges. It's great that you got the feedback of the customer's reaction to the final product - not that a happy reaction would be a surprise, it's just you so obviously put your heart and soul into the piece and you do want to know it is appreciated! Great details on each little "look" as they call the productions on Project Runway.