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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dixie Dairy Month 5

This past Saturday was the first Saturday of the month and that means there was a new block published in the Dixie Diaries (Barbara Brackman) block of the month blog.

May's block is titled "Tokens of Dried Roses" and the story is all about what happened when Sarah Morgan (the writer of the diary who was a Southern young lady from one of the "very best" families living in Baton Rouge LA) returned to her family home after the Union army had vandalized the city and the homes therein. Sarah is desolate upon seeing the damage to all her personal property including her diary and "sundry tokens of dried roses". Of particular angst was the destruction of the needles for her mother's sewing machine. Those machines were particularly prized during the Civil War as they were used to stitch together uniforms for the young men sent off by their families to fight for the cause.

I wanted to make my block using fabrics that showed at least flowers and hopefully, roses.

The block patterns are given with the optional addition of an appliqued heart or star in the center of the block. Thus far I have not added the applique for several reasons including: I don't want to block out the pretty fabric at the center of the block, I am unsure of the most appropriate fabric choice for the applique and I don't yet know if I am going to set these blocks  in a straight set or "on point" which, of course, impacts how I would orient the central applique.

While I was at a quilt show recently I saw a quilt setting that I think would work for my blocks and now we have completed month 5 it is perhaps time to get serious about that setting.

In the meantime I am challenging myself to get comfortable with using pink as it is not really a color that I often use. To really grow as a quilter I think it is vital that I can use most any color in my projects; for me this medium (quilt making) is all about color!

What do you see as the fundamental aspect to a quilt?

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