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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Block 39 Endless Stairs - Ranks and Rights

The story that goes with the block for this week is all about the Great Chain of Being - no matter where you are in society there is a hierarchy. For most every person there is another someone who is both higher and lower in the social ladder.

The block we have is a very simple one that has a constant name of Endless Stair (well, to be truthful, sometimes it is Endless Stairs). There were not too many stairs in the block and I guess I could have gone above and beyond and made more but I decided to keep to the supplied pattern.

Now, this might look like a simple block but there were a number of decisions to be made today. Firstly, I decided to make it scrappy so I could revisit some fabrics that had only previously made one appearance (the argyle, and it is perfectly centered - I just did not trim it properly in the edit process). The purple is heavier than the green so although I had the positions reversed at first the block was much happier once the purple came under the green. Since the pieces are all the same dimension and shape it seemed a good plan to use fabrics that had a good pattern on them to keep the block lively. And, if I was going to choose a bold pattern then I had better pay attention in the cutting.

Flickr threw us a curve ball this week by revamping their site. For some of us it has been a challenge to find how to use the new site. Reflecting on that it seemed like today might also be a day to try out something else new...a "selfie". I had asked my TA (technical advisor aka #2 son) to take my photo today as I, quite unconsciously, had dressed this morning in the same color scheme as the block I needed to make. In response TA suggested I might take a "selfie" - which, apparently, is when you hold the camera at arms length and take your own photo. If you do this in the bathroom you can look in the mirror to check the view finder on  the camera is showing what you want to photograph.

 So, ta dah, a selfie. I have stepped up a rank in my technology knowledge what with this and the new flickr site to negotiate.

How do you rank on the stairs of personhood?


Cheryl Kotecki said...

"Selfie" is a new name for me, though I see them all the time on Ravelry (photos of knitted garments on the maker). You do look like you dressed for the quilt and I daresay, the block improves the outfit with the sassy combination of argyle, floral, stripes, and textures - I can't remember -- are setting your blocks on point, as you have photographed this one? In either case, you have placed the values wisely as it looks good either way.

pinkdeenster said...

I find that the simple blocks can require much more thought in the fabric selection and placement processes. I quite like all your choices this week.

I haven't had trouble with the new version. Maybe it's because I work in an environment where things change all the time on me. It's just part of the rythm of being online for me!