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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blocks 54 to 59

With major power outages this week all quilt work ground to a halt. Thankfully, the lights are back on now and with outside temperature and humidity levels uncomfortably high I decided I could try to make more progress on my Civil War quilt top.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my question as to the identity of soldier X. It is now known that his name was Edwin Jennison and he fought for the Confederates. So his block is complete:

The Army Star - Confederate

 I am still awaiting clarification of Soldier Y. In the meantime I have made an Army Star - Union.

 For the four corners I will use portraits of well known Generals. So we begin with General Grant above.

 And General Meade. H'mm, both of these are made using the same blue fabric selections but clearly my photography is not accurate in color.

 Here we have General Lee. And still waiting his turn on the cutting table is General Jackson.

I thought some simple flying geese would frame these portraits to bring the blocks up to the required 8" size. And so they do but oh my, what a lot of sewing.

Yesterday I was taking refuge from the heat in a book store that had deliciously cool air conditioned air. While browsing the shelves I came across this book and recalled that Rosemary Youngs had been mentioned by Barbara Brackman in one of her posts. I decided to get the book because there is a lot of good reading in it as well as a large number of blocks and ideas.

For instance, on page 96 there is a block called "Despair Not" and in the center is none other than my soldier Y. So I take that as a good omen that I should not despair in finding his true identity. Blocks named "Naval Victory", "Virginia has Seceded" and "Possession of Manassas" all are potentials for my last two blocks.

I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Pip said...

These are lovely blocks, very clever to use the Army Star block to frame the soldiers. I agree flying geese are a lot of sewing but I think your result has made it worth it. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

Rhonda said...

I think the flying geese are perfect! and I do like the stars too! sure hope soldier Y is a union soldier and then you are nearly finished.