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Monday, July 30, 2012

Almost Heaven, West Virginia...

I am on a mission to get the Civil War top together before the end of the month. H'mmm, that is in just over 26 hours. I can do it I'm sure.

One last block was holding me up. Week 48 West Virginia. When I went to pin it to the row it looked off in terms of size and when I measured it my sinking feeling was confirmed. Perhaps I could steam press it into shape? Tried that and it didn't work. So the decision was made to remake the block (that would be the third block to be resown; well, out of 53 that's not so bad is it?). This time I changed where the bias edges were and the block came out a little better (s'hhh,I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase measure twice, cut once? I used a variation on that; make it bigger and cut it down).

Here is the remade version. It is now sewn into position in row three. The entire top is now sewn together in three portions. Tomorrow, it being the last day of July, I have but two long seams left to do and my goal of a finished top will be achieved.

And yes, theoretically the title of the post should have been "Take Me Home, Country Roads" which was a tune made popular by John Denver. But I was thinking it was called "West Virginia" and would be a good title for my post so a compromise had to be arrived at.

I'm almost there. Hold your breath now...