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Monday, February 18, 2013

Block Redux

Some weeks the fabric choices for my Grandmothers Choice blocks are really quite difficult. And I end up thinking that I am trying too hard. Sometimes (hah! admit it, most every week this is what happens!) I create my own pressure to get that block done and photographed in the daylight so it can be posted on the Saturday. The result is that I can end up with a block that I am not happy with.

Such was the case this week.  Once I redid block 25 I was a lot happier with it despite it being difficult to photograph.  And that made me want to have another try with last week's block as well.

The common denominator in the two blocks was the green leaf on purple background fabric. This fabric should help as it uses both colors together but it seemed to be having the opposite result.

Behold, the new and improved block 24. The green bloom is so successful as a centerpiece that I wanted to keep it there. Once I pulled the purple entirely from the block it seemed much more content.  The moral of this story is that now and then you need to break your own rules. In a quilt top with 49 blocks is it really going to make that much difference if one or two blocks do not have the purple in them?

Here is the redone group shot. The blocks are just put up in the order of making them; as I redistribute them I am expecting that the darker purples that seem to dominate can be balanced out.

 Several quilt friends that I talk with lately have been discussing the challenge of photographing their quilt blocks/quilts. The color on this shot is not terrific and nor is the (room) light distribution even. But it is surely enough to illustrate the progress to date.

Check back tomorrow when I will hopefully have something else to share with you.


Cheryl Kotecki said...

With the Carrie Nation Quilt block, there was a dramatic change and I could see why you liked one more than another. This one is not as obvious but if it makes you happier, that's all that matters!

The lesson I'm just seeing play out quite dramatically on my design wall is that the setting matters more than the individual blocks as to final look of the quilt. Those who are setting their blocks as they make them with two inch sashing and cornerstones will not have the opportunity you (and I) will to redistribute colors and textures at the end. I'm totally with you on that one - I can't possibly plan these from week to week to go next to each other. I just can't think what I would do about the blocks in the last two rows, how could I do them justice if I don't have the freedom to use a particular fabric if I really want it to tell the story of that block?

On the other hand, some blocks just don't inspire me with anything - and those are probably the biggest struggle. I hope, when I get to the end, it will be good that they can just sit there and not demand very much attention.

pinkdeenster said...

I agree with you both - taking the time to distribute the blocks at the end is worth taking longer to complete the quilt. I cannot imagine putting my quilt together in the order I pieced them. Sometimes, I'm just in the mood for a certain color combination for a couple of weeks or so in a row.

And honestly my blocks are not all coming out a standard size, so I intend to frame them before I add sashing. Waiting will allow me to distribute the frames I am using as well -- mostly one color but adding a pop of another on a few frames.

I have a few blocks that I also hope will fade into the background -- but as Dorry has said to me -- every block cannot be a star. If they all shine bright, it would be a boring as having them all, well, boring. I remind myself sometimes that it's the quilt as a whole that matters, not every detail of every block.

pinkdeenster said...

Oh - and I really like this reworked block very much. Perhaps all your purple would like some solely green blocks and this one will get some companions?