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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another new project?

Seriously, do I really need another project right now?  The answer is no, but The Dixie Diary was appealing from the point of view of it being similar to the Grandmother's Choice project. So I have decided to give it a start.

The project is based around the book "The Civil War Diary of a Southern Woman" by Sarah Morgan.

Yes, it is another of the Barbara Brackman online (well on a blog to be more accurate) projects. This one is "just" twelve blocks that will appear one per month on the first Saturday. I can do that. The patterns are given to make 8" or 12" blocks but I'm not sure I want another big quilt so I am going to make them at a 6" size. The blocks themselves are fairly simple and, as shown in the blog, will all include an applique heart or star in the center.

 Here is block 1 - "Her Flag Flying". I was trying to fussy cut the pale backgrounds and then realized they might be obscured by the applique anyway so I should not over do the fussy cuts. It did make me hightail it back to the quilt shop to purchase more of that background fabric. It really is quite pretty and I might use it in settings or some other place.

Ms Brackman is sewing her blocks in pink and brown and I thought I would challenge myself to use pink (not a color often associated with me) and pair it with some of the greys (as Sarah was a Confederate Woman) remaining from my Civil War quilt "The Blues and The Greys". I'm not sure yet about the center applique - I'll probably do them but I need to hunt down a good fabric to use or maybe I can make them in assorted fabrics. We'll see.

Month 2 block is "Checkered Allegiances". H'mm I notice that others show their block with the darker of the central squares to the right and left rather than top and bottom as I show mine. All that is needed is to turn the block but I sort of prefer it this way.

If you'd like to know more about this project you can go here to the blog.

This project will not have top priority so don't expect to see my new block made and posted the day it comes out on the Civil War blog. And there will have to be some consideration given to how to set the blocks and whether to place them straight on or on-point. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

As background reading I thought I'd see if the library has the book but alas they have just the one copy and it is in the reference section which means it cannot be borrowed. Oh well.

It does seem as though I better update my sidebar list of projects to finish doesn't it?!

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

One beginner level block every month (or so) + a collection of beautiful fabrics = easy decision!

And it looks like your real challenge will just be to work out a unique way to set some very pretty blocks.