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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week 28 Next Door Neighbor

When I got out of bed this morning I decided I could not have breakfast until I had made this block. Sew I did. Then I had my bagel . The next ultimatum is that I cannot get ready and leave for church until this posting is done. Nothing like a few priorities to get some action.

I did want to include something feminine looking in this block because of the haunting image of that poor mother Bursheba Younger, a widow who could find no peace; it was her story that was posted along with this block.

There are some pieces cut out and waiting to be sewn for week 32's Lily block. I cut those while at a friend's home yesterday. As I was leaving her home what should I see draped over her Tin Lizzie frame but a quilt top featuring the Rosebud block which is the week 34 block posted yesterday. The co-incidences that keep happening to me boggle my mind.


Cheryl said...

Most of these have been more fun than the Lily block that you have on your to-do-list. Now that the cutting is done, you'll whip it out in no-time and be just about caught up! Did you get your additional fabric for your backgrounds that I see featured in this block, or does this include those last remaining bits of it?

Sherrye said...

Is this a black and white photo? If not, I love the monochromatic look.

Dorry said...

This is the new fabric - 1.3yds arrived so I guess that was all they had.As you can see I don't always use it as a background but it is meant to be in every block.

Sherrye, no, this is a color photo.

Judy said...

I really like your dramatic block. Your finished quilt is going to look SO elegant. I used a slightly different Lily block pattern as I wasn't sure I could sew another lily block after the Luscious Lilies....
I am attempting the Rosebud (in blue and brown)...I think my templates are wrong!!! Could be operator error