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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 25 Calico Puzzle

With great excitement I actually got the block for this week finished today, Saturday, the day it was posted. It has been weeks since I was able to do this.

Some weeks ago I noticed that each block was noted as being either a Union or Confederate block. I took that as a cue to select from either the blue or the grey stash for that days block. But maybe I need to get the pile of 25 blocks out and lay them out together and see if this is a good thing to do or if I should revert to my prior practice of combining blue and grey in the same block.

Looking at the name for the block I wondered if it might have been more apt to dub it "math puzzle". The first sentence in the instructions read "These measurements will give you pieces a bit large which you can then trim to an 8 1/2" square (8" finished) block." That was a clue to say "proceed with caution". Once again I wondered if these blocks came originally as 12" blocks that have been scaled back to 8". This was a 9 patch block made to 8" finished size and so the math was challenging. I did trim pieces all the way through and not just at the end. My last task was to trim the 8 3/4" block down to 8 1/2" by trimming 1/16" from all sides. Not what I like to have to do.


Cheryl said...

A quilt of this block would make a very pretty, subtle design - something like the quilt top I recently received from a group of 6 other quilters.... Indeed, trimming a nine patch to 8 1/2 inches unfinished and keeping it centered is a bit of a challenge. Not my favorite approach!

Dorry said...

Yes, this block put together without sashing would give you pinwheels at the block intersections. When I finished the block for the first time and held it up (I was with a group from my quilt chapter yesterday) there was a pause and someone said "shall we tell her?" I had out the top row on upside down which meant that the pinwheel effect was not there. So I ahd to redo that last seam.