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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week 15 Fort Sumter

Gee, it took 15 weeks before I suddenly had a "well, duh!" moment. That was because I noticed right at the end of Barbara's blog posting she has tags for the content and one of the tags for today reads "confederate block". Since I am using a blue and grey color scheme I try to be sure my blocks use the color that goes with the block; sometimes however I am not entirely clear on which I should be using. But today, when I finally noticed the tag, I had also noticed that on the flickr site several people had used the fabric that says "union" right there as the print design on the fabric. I'm not sure why.

I had already decided that my block should feature the grey fabrics but I did need to add just the one blue to represent the water around the fort as much as to recognize who it was firing on the fort. The suggestion to make those strips from the corner red did not sit well for my plan so I used the grey stripe. My fort sits surrounded by water.

I wondered how this block would look if turned on point as that is a potential for how I might set the blocks so here's a second look:

By the way, if you left click on the photos you can see them in more detail and for instance see the grey stripe fabric I speak of.

Are you following along with the flickr site? Some people are doing amazing things with their blocks like the quilter today who printed the photo of the Charleston ladies on the rooftops watching the assault on the Fort. Oh my goodness.


Sherrye said...

Dorry, since the grey stripe "jumps out" at me, I like the top photo because it creates an "x", which appears as a diagonal to my eye quicker than the whole block on diagonal. Just my opinion, of course. It's beautiful either way.

I was just at Fort Sumter in March for my Dad's birthday. Very interesting!

Dorry said...

Thanks Sherrye. I'm delighted you are starting to stop my my little blog. Does your family have some historical connection to Fort Sumter?

Sherrye said...

My husband's family might. They are also related to the Lees of Virginia (Stratford Lees). Apparently, a long lost cousin was one of the first to sign for secession.....LOL! I grew up in SC from 10-18 years old, so Charleston has always been familiar to me. My husband is an AVID civil war fan.

Cheryl said...

I've been looking at the layout, and am starting to think the blocks tend to look better straight-set, which ruins the nice layout I was considering. Hmmm, unless maybe I set my large applique block on point? Your block, in isolation like this at least, does look beautiful either way. I wasn't convinced about the red attacking the fort either. I like this block a lot though!