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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week Eight of the Civil War Blocks

For this week the block is Cotton Boll. The plantations that grew cotton were in the South so following my own rule for fabric choices this needed to be a block made with grey (Confederate)fabrics:

But I wondered if this might be a little, well plain. So a second block was made using my universal background but with blue fabrics as the main features:

My thinking for this quilt was for it to be a scrappy blues and grey one. But at this rate I will be ending up with more than one quilt! This is now the third week when I have made more than one block. With each succeeding week I seem to agonize more over the fabric choices.


Cheryl said...

You look at the big white X and see "Plain" - I see - WOW Finally a place I can quilt something significant! I should have thought of it!!!

Judy said...

I agree with Cheryl. The block also represents A COTTON BOLL!!! The quilting can add some texture and you will see how perfectly this block complements the others.
I may have to copy this idea when I do mine....if you don't mind...

rjlyons_uae said...

I really like the gray cotton boll, and I like it much better than the multi coloured one!!