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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Collection of Blocks

Several people have been showing a photo of all their Civil War blocks together and I have enjoyed seeing them. At this stage it will also help to get an idea for how my colors are being distributed if I see all the blocks side by side.

I didn't fuss too much with placement (the blocks are not in order of making) and nor is there a rich red paisley to set them off. As you can see that Richmond block stands out a little as being heavy so I need some more like that to balance the weight. You might also wonder how I can have nine blocks in week seven. And that is because I made two North Star blocks in week 2 and now two log cabin blocks in week 7.

They're looking okay don't you think? Certainly they are a collection.


Cheryl said...

Wow it's so much fun to revisit your blocks like this! When I looked at the log cabins individually, I was focused on the center square - and completely missed the gorgeous plaid!

Judy said...

I am wondering where you find the 'patriotic' fabrics. I still have a few from 'home' but I hadn't considered including them in these blocks. They are VERY appropriate. I will be on a search through my collection now. All your blocks look so delightful!