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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Westering Women Block Two

For the month of February the block was Indian.

For this month I had a design dilemma. The center of the block was a 6" square and I felt that would be somewhat bland. One option was to make four versions of the block at 6" each to create one 12" block. Then I saw the block that my friend Pinkdeenster had made and was inspired. She made a 6" version of the Indian block and replaced that unpieced center with the 6" block. Brilliant!

I'm hoping she understands that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".

Indian is the block chosen to go with the story of the Indian Territories. One of the several "jumping off places" for the would be settlers was St Joseph, Missouri. Heading west brought the wagons directly into the area that was set aside for the reserves assigned to various Eastern tribe. A map of the reserves shows they were neatly arranged in horizontal stripes.

For the outer edge of my block I used a striped fabric to recall the map and chose a print with circles to represent the wagon wheels that rolled all those thousands of wagons west through Indian land.

If you are just the tiniest curious about Pinkdeenster go visit her

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