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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Threads at the Exhibit Part II

Here we are back again to showcase the lower row of quilts in the "Threads" installation at the "Threaded With Green" exhibit.

But first, let me take time out for an important public service announcement:

Yes, we have a little weather event happening outside right now and the reception for our exhibit, planned for Sunday January 24 2pm thru 4pm has had to be cut out of the schedule i.e. abandoned. But, fear not, we hope it will be re-scheduled for Sunday, January 31, 2pm thru 4pm at the same location. Watch this blog and/or the ArtSpace webpage for confirmation of this.

Earlier this week the upper row of quilts were featured. Below we have five quilts beginning on the left with Lynn Purple's entry.

"DIY and Save Some Green" 36"h x 12"w is the title for Lynn's very creative piece. She is making a statement about modern women who have skills ranging from DIY projects around the home to creating art to display in that home. Clearly Lynn spent some entertaining minutes in the hardware aisle collecting items to embellish her piece with.

Up next is "Blush Garland"  40.75" h x 11.75"w by Anne Smyers. Beginning with a base of a vintage damask table runner Anne appliqu├ęd the garland on top to create her quiet piece.

"Nuance" 48"h x 12" w by Cindy Grisdela is a very successful combination of the  hand dye fabrics that Cindy usually works with and batiks. Her embellishment is achieved by the wonderfully textured effect created by her quilting.

Another full length view...

"Pale Memories" 46.5"h x 12"w by Dena Brannen. For several years now Dena has been incorporating pieces of handwork from her personal collection of textiles made by her grandmothers. As you can see she chose to feature crocheted doilies in her entry.

"Virgo in the Fog" 39.5"h x 12.5"w by Shoshana Spiegel. Shana tells us that this is the second in a series using woven strips of grey fabrics, anchored by a hand embroidered running stitch and finally embellished with grey buttons, green beads and more embroidery.  In common with most all of the entrants making a "Threads" quilt Shana says the biggest challenge was meeting the requirement to work with pale fabrics.

Now I have given you a preview of this portion of the exhibit I hope you will come to the gallery to see the real quilts - they are so much more interesting than you can imagine from merely seeing these photographs.

To close, here's a view of my "Green Man" in the backyard this morning.


Cheryl Kotecki said...
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Cheryl Kotecki said...

When it comes to films, the "Part II" is usually a disappointment, but certainly not when it comes to these quilts! Thank you Dorry for the closeups and comments to help your distant viewers see the details. I'm sure the reception next weekend will be a grand success!

Robin said...

Hey, Dorry. Very interesting post. Hope you have better luck with the weather next weekend. These works deserve to be seen.