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Sunday, October 18, 2015

GFS Studio Tour 2015 Final Day October 18

Will we see you today on this, our third and final day for the Great Falls Studio's annual Studio Tour?

Friday was a bright, clear autumnal day and this is what you saw as you walked up the driveway to studio #26.

Up the steps and to the front door...

Now you are inside at my area...
I am showcasing my "Poppies for JPC' quilt so I have arranged a couple of vignettes. The army uniform hat was used to base the color scheme of my quilt on. When I went to the fabric stores I walked along the racks holding the hat to find the fabrics that would fit with my planned colors.

This is my homage to New Zealand display: photographs of my Grandfather and my Father in their army uniforms. They both worked with sheep so I have included a photo I took in January in my sister's back yard of sheep she had to "mow the grass" in her back field/paddock. There is the small quilt I made for the "My Mother Always Said" series in 2014 - my saying was "There's One in Every Crowd". And to round out this display my "Heritage Aotearoa" quilt.

Will you stop by to pick up a cookie, my "thank you for visiting my studio" item? Today's cookie, made from an old New Zealand family recipe, is Peanut Coconut Brownies. My dear neighbor Maud very generously volunteered to do the baking for me as she knows how busy I am in transporting and setting up my "pop up" studio. Thanks Maud!

You will have a lot to look at in Linda Jones studio; here is her painting "Alaska Blue".
And adjacent to Linda's studio you will find our friend and colleague Richard Masaniello ready to show you his beautifully hand crafted sterling silver original pieces of jewelry.

Come on over and visit! Pick up one of my new "business" cards - I am ridiculously thrilled at our well they printed. The day has begun with the first frost for the season in my garden so let's hope for a clear sunny day to tour although you may need to don that jacket.

All details about the Studio Tour can be found by going to

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

Your inclusion of the artists who are sharing the address for this tour makes a nice ending to a very welcome - and welcoming - post. I want a cookie! And a chance to see those sheep up close too!!