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Sunday, February 23, 2014

TOM 2 Mercer County Star for Susan Lowe Wattles

I have a plan this time to set my blocks on point. Now what I need to do is remember that subtle fact when I am cutting fabric - as well as photographing my block.

 Shown this way you can see the block more clearly but that center print requires you to tilt your head.
Shown this way you get the on point idea but the fabrics are not showing nearly as well. Of course part of that is the ongoing challenge of taking the photo.

The story for this months block is about Susan Lowe who, at the age of 17 meets an idealistic Augustus Wattles. Together they dedicated their lives to the concept of abolishing slavery and educating both free blacks and those who have escaped slavery.

I'm trying to use a bird print in my blocks. To my thinking this particular print fit the story this week as there are adults helping children and the adults are of different color.

Susan and Augustus initially worked to create schools and then bought land to create farms for families to live on in Mercer County, Ohio. Prejudice forced them out of that location and they moved into Kansas where Susan became a strong voice for women's rights (the topic of our project last year, Grandmother's Choice). I chose props to recall the efforts made by the Wattles to educate those who were denied that opportunity in many locations.

Looks like I need to take more time with my photos. Or maybe reconsider the fabrics - are the prints too "fussy" to be worth using in this project?


Cheryl Kotecki said...

I'm not sure what you mean in your last paragraph, though I think, to allow us to see the details in your block, you may want to photograph them straight on as you did here. The block is a beauty.

Judy said...

I like the idea of Planning to put the blocks on point. Well, I just like the idea of planning ;-)
The two birds in the centre are perfect for the story this month. Your school books etc. are the perfect setting.