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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Month 11 - Just Hominy

For whatever reason this block gave me some "issues". But it is done now and ready for viewing.

 In this months story from Sarah Morgan's Diary we hear about the anguish facing the family who are starving. All they have had to eat in their current location has been just hominy for the past ten days. The question is whether to remain there and perhaps see the death of Sarah's mother from starvation or to move to New Orleans where they would have to take an oath of loyalty to the Union movement.

Both choices are equally stark.

Ms Brackman's blog suggests making the star points have a strong contrast to represent the two choices. However, I decided to make them both in grey as they were similarly difficult decisions. And I continue on with my idea of not re-using any fabrics other than the pink on white toile. Yes, I did have to augment my fabric collection just a little so I hope the final block does not require too many different fabrics or I will be faced with some difficult choices myself - albeit my choice problem will be minimal compared to Sarah Morgan's.

I wasn't feeling too inspirational for this months fun photo so I decided to take a lead from the photo of hominy in the Civil War blog story that goes along with this month's block.

One more block to go. I have made a little start on the sashing/setting for my top but a goodly amount remains to be done before I will be able to call this project finished.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

The block is lovely and would not make one think of starvation at all. The hominy on the other hand - I guess it would be edible and if one were hungry, it would probably be delicious!