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Monday, October 7, 2013

A Local Quilt Show

Each year, since 1985, one of the churches in our town has held a quilt show as part of their Country Fair.  I have been invited to exhibit a quilt or two there each of the past several years.  The quilt show is held right in the main body of the church with the quilts hung from the ceiling, displayed on racks and display walls and draped carefully over the pews.

I'd like to share a few photos with you of this year's show.

Here's a general shot. Those first two quilts hanging closest to the camera attracted a lot of attention. My "Little Green Kiwi", one of my round robin quilts is in the front right. In the rear distance, on the middle left, is Echinacea Echoes - a very beautiful quilt owned by me but made by my sister for me for a birthday gift.
Another general shot. The quilt hanging in the front center is "Spool Quilt" by Betty Ratliff. Betty created her quilt using the pattern "Friendship + Strips + Scraps" by Edyta Sitar for Laundry Basket Quilts. Sadly, I cannot identify the lovely red and white quilt in the front right.
I really love this quilt titled "Lancaster Amish" by Gayle Ropp. Her quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted.
I wear a hat to church each Sunday so this quilt, "A Few of Nana's Hats" by Beverly Burroughs, attracted me. Beverly made this quilt in the stack and whack method using a pattern by Sandy Gervais and comments it reminds her of her Grandmother who had a hat to go with every outfit and took a lot of joy in getting dressed up.
A general shot of the right hand side of the exhibition. Yes, that is my Strawberries and Cream in the foreground with, three rows behind it, my Purple Passion.
Oh my gosh, this pair of quilts was amazing. Created by the very talented Cheryl See and based on a favorite childhood portrait this one "Wolf" (above) depicts her Dad.
And this is one "Ceci" depicting her Dad's wife.
The organizing committee for the 2013 Sacred Threads Exhibition created their own personal artist statements under the subject of "Transitions".  This quilt, "Empty Nest" is by Lisa Ellis and was made just after her youngest daughter graduated from high school and was preparing to head off to college.
Another general shot. The quilt hanging in the front right "Glorified Christmas" is by my friend Cheryl Kotecki and features the block "The Right Hand of Friendship" which was one of the blocks in the Barbara Brackman Civil War block of the week online project in 2011 that we both did.
Paula Golden created her quilt "Song of St Lucas" for an exhibit titled "Tales of a Mayan Huipil:ArtQuilts Inspired by Guatemalan Weavings". I enjoyed the color combinations.
Sarah Entsminger (the show curator) created her quilt "Lord, Hear my Prayer" for a person who cannot walk a labyrinth but who wishes to join in the spiritual meditation gained from such an experience. The "pavers" are wool and you are gently kept on the path by the pebbles which are individually attached with thread.
Taking the main focus of the show by being displayed behind the altar is this exhibition "Identity Crisis" by Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends. Each of the eleven members created a quilt focusing on their personal identity.
Here we see displayed quilts from the last two chapters of "The June Bride", a challenge I created for 13 friends which ran from 2011 to 2013. These are quilts from the "Baskets for the Bridesmaids" and "The Bride's Wedding Day Album" chapters. Each member received a vintage quilt block from me and was requested to make a new piece using that block. In the front left foreground is a poster board showing the two vintage blocks that were handed out. The first three pew backs show 11 of the Bridesmaids Basket quilts.
The rear pew and the two hanging rows show 10 quilts from the "Bride's Wedding Day Album" quilts.
And one last shot. Hanging on the left side is "Road to Pushkar" by Carole Nicholas. The center hanging quilt is "Party All Day" by Margaret "Totty" Powers Sos.

The photos shown are taken in an amateur way by me and tend to be of quilts that attracted me. There were many more very lovely quilts in the show this year and had I spent more careful time with my camera and less time gabbing I might have been able to show you more.

 But I hope you have enjoyed this brief glimpse of the show.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

I certainly have! I keep clicking on the photos to look at more than I saw the first time - because of course, the first time, I look at the ones you mention but there are many more! Too bad some of them are only barely visible, but that's the nature of the display space, not the photographer's fault. Thank you so much for sharing your view of the show!