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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dixie Diary - Month Seven

Phew, are you keeping up with me? Three posts in the last 24 hours. This is the exception rather than the rule for sure!

But since today was the first Saturday in the month we also had a new block posted for the Dixie Diary project. Today we could read about our heroine, Sarah Morgan, having to subsist on cornbread and do without many other things including her beloved home.

 As you'll recall I am making my blocks at a 6" size (the pattern gives them at 12") and I am not - so far at least - adding the optional center applique of a heart or star. You'll notice that instead I am always using the one very pretty pink and white floral fabric.

 I ventured outside to take a photo of the block thinking I had many pink and white flowers in my garden but once I held my block near to the flowers I discovered pink has a lot of variety. The second problem was that the sun was still blindingly bright.

Coming inside I passed by the pantry and it occurred to me that the cornbread angle might have better opportunities. Although I did not have any cornbread to hand I did find some cornmeal, corn and the skillet that we use to make cornbread in.

On the Civil War blog this month's block for the Dixie Diary project is named  "Living off Cornbread". I'm not too sure that is an accurate name but for the purpose, that is what the block is called.

Five more blocks to go in this project.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

I expect our Civil War diarist would have felt she was in heaven to see the flour and cornbread - and an ear of corn - all at once! Your block is lovely, as usual - and so quickly finished! The pink floral makes a perfect center at this 6 inch scale.