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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Block 22 - Jack's Delight; Ridicule as Humor

For the theme this week on the Grandmother's Choice project Ms Brackman showed a variety of examples of how ridicule was used  in the printing of postcards and other mass media to make fun of the suffrage movement.

Since the perpetrators were presumably male I was thinking to have a more masculine looking block. But it did not work out.

 I went for this look instead.

 Pondering what I might have about the place for photo props this was all I could come up with. If you are familiar with Mad magazine it is more zany humor than ridicule but there are some funny images there.

This was my reject plaid for the center. Maybe if I had also used it on the corners it might have worked as a block. But looking at my set of blocks so far I think it would not have been a good fit.

I'm hoping to get a Dixie Diary block underway today as this is the last weekend before the next block is posted.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

Your Jack's Delight block is extremely pretty! It's quite an interesting juxtaposition to photograph it with the Mad Magazines. The rejected plaid (is it sad?) is very bold and dark. You would simply have to use it in a few other places in the quilt because you're right, it's not a good fit with what you've done so far. It would be a big departure from your usual, disciplined approach - but we're not half-way there yet - there's still time to go wild and crazy if you want to push it, Mad Magazine leading the way!