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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Progress on an earlier project

For this weekend I decided to set aside the red and white project and postpone the piping and binding of The Wedding China and go back to last year's Civil War block of the week.

In 2011 I was following along every week and making the block posted each Saturday morning by Barbara Brackman on her blog. Once the blocks were done they had to be set together. My original intention had been to make them into a quilt for my history loving son's bed. However when another quilt showed up for that bed I hit a pause on the progress.

But I pulled it out again and started sewing. Earlier posts had showed some ideas I was considering and I had made a decision on which one I was going to choose. Now it is "just" a matter of cutting and sewing those 60 setting blocks that are required.

My design wall is not big enough for the full width of the top but I wanted to be able to see how they will look. Here they are just poked up in random order. The top as planned will be 11 blocks wide and not the 7 that show here.

Sometimes when I look all I see is the big dark grey star. But other times I see how all the blocks get to stand alone. This is very much an un-posed work in progress photo. I have postit notes attached here and there to remind me of something about that block.

Maybe I made more progress than I thought. I have 18 blocks finished (well, they need trimming up a little) and another 14 just needing the last center insert strip stitching on.

But the weather was gorgeous and I had lots of work that needed doing in the garden as well as a great antiques/collectibles fair to go to. If it rains tomorrow I might get some more of these blocks done. Or not.

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Cheryl Kotecki said...

The grey color in the setting blocks brings out the prettiness of the light blue in many of the blocks in your random assortment. The little spark of red keeps it more exciting. Makes one wonder what the borders will look like!