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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week 42 H is for Hospital

This should have been an easy block to construct but something happened to my accuracy. After a while I decided to leave it a bit wonky since the hospitals then could also perhaps be described the same way.

For the second week in a row we had a block that needed colors used in a certain way to accurately carry through the idea. In the case of H is for Hospital the background was meant to be yellow and the H was meant to be green as a representation of the "flag" used to denote a hospital. Neither of those colors are in my palette for this project so I had to go with what I did.

And about the fabrics I did use; obviously I had to use my one theme pale grey fabric as my rule is that it must be in every block. I had been waiting and waiting to use the blue bandana fabric that Cheryl had found and given to me weeks and weeks ago. Today, I decided it made a good contrast with the pale grey and the paisley in the blue fabric mimicked the paisley in my theme fabric.

Both armies had to have hospitals so it was fine to combine grey and blue in the one block.

And the scary thought for today? This is week 42 - that means we are only ten weeks away from the end of the year. Can you believe it?!

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Cheryl said...

Your block looks fine and will do what it's supposed to in the quilt, letting some of the other blocks "shine" with their complexity and brilliant combinations of fabrics. I thought mine would have looked better with just the two fabrics, but made it with the extra anyway and figure in the grand scheme, that detail will be lost.
On your 10 remaining weeks thought: it's been a long year, and it's been a short year. I pondered this yesterday, and I'm sure I will miss the history lessons connected to quilting designs come January - maybe we'll have to cook up a long-term piecing challenge?