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Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 39 Hovering Hawks

I'm not entirely sure if I see the hovering hawks in this block but just in case I gave them (it?) feathery fabric for what I think might be the wings altho looking at the BB posting maybe those are the tail feathers. And I chose one background fabric to look like the hawks are flying over a patchwork of fields scouting out where to swoop down on for the best finds.

Since this week's block was listed as being a symbolic pattern rather than a straight union or confederate pattern I decided to make a blue and grey block this week.


Cheryl said...

I didn't see the hawks either - till I saw your version!

Sherrye said...

I've decided, after so many postings mentioning "BB", that I probably need to be looking at what she is suggesting too. Is there a link?

Dorry said...

Look to the right hand side of this page and just above the listing of the blog archive there is a link to the Barbara Brackman (BB) blog called Civil War Quilts. Click on the link (the words Civil War Quilts)and it should take you right there.

Sherrye said...

Thanks, Dorry. There is a lot of info, but it all looks very interesting, so I will take it a little at a time.